A CREDIBLE ONLINE REPUTATION: Nowadays, one of the first things noticed is online reputation. It will either make or break your personality. This gives the best opportunity to make a credible place in the world of high competition. Most colleges in this digital age perform a background check on the students as part of the selection process. Social media, which we use, is one of the essential sources to collect data. Even a caption reflects your personality. A positive online reputation will help you make your space, and a negative one will always bring you down. So, make sure you have a reputable and impressive social media presence.

EXTRA-CURRICULARS: The main objective of the extra-curricular activity is to develop social skills, as one has to contact others, which will create a social skill. There is a saying, “which is seen most sold most”, so one who is good at different things will always look different and have the upper hand. The most crucial benefit of extra-curricular is that it makes your mind versatile. Make sure your college application shows that your aptitude is not limited to academics. According to a survey, around 49% of colleges look for extra-curricular activity, and some make seat arrangements for those who have a good extra-curricular activity certificate. Be sure to have a list of extra-curricular activities in your application to show your creative or athletic aspect.

EXHIBIT INTEREST: Go the extra mile to demonstrate your genuine interest in the university and course. Go on-campus tours, schedule optional interviews, personally reach out to the university or any activity that will get you noticed.

SKILLS: It is a vast term it includes everything one does with excellence. Having an impressive list of skillsets will earn you a few brownie points. One should have communication skills, self-management skills, study skills, social skills, academic skills, and many more. Learning a new skill will always keep you healthy, as learning keeps your mind engaged and your body active. It opens up a whole new world. When you command a new skill, a different zoner opens up for you. So, gear up yourself for a few extra courses and expand your horizon in the world of the open sky.

ENHANCE YOUR COLLEGE ESSAY: The personal statement is one of the important points you should keep in mind as you can showcase your personality. Your college essay conveys your personality beyond your academic qualifications. So how do you know you have the best of your personality reflected in your college essay?

In general, college looks for three main points in your essay:

  1. SPECIFICITY: Using factual information in the most efficient way to convey your thoughts and points of view will make your essay unique.
  2. HONESTY: keep it real. What you are writing should have had happened to you. Your every sentence gives your appearance to the reader.
  3. ELOQUENCE: everything is written perfectly perfect, but if your essay has any spelling error or a grammatical mistake, it will ruin the entire effort which you did put in to write. Your paper should have been organised and completely free from any technical error.

So, try to make it as unique and personal as possible while keeping it concise and meaningful.

IMPRESSIVE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Everyone is following a rat race. If you want to be different, set your mind on different things, go on for different internships, job and collect a letter of recommendation. Having a letter of recommendation is like having a character certificate. So, collect as many letters of recommendation as you can from the unique personas of your academic life.

GET A PART-TIME JOB: Having experience of any job or part-time job will help me think and develop a different mindset, which will help my future career. It will help you gain a wide range of skills and develop your personality. You can maintain this in your CV or your resume, reflecting your versatile skill or work area, which you can cover. You will always have the upper hand in the document and in the mindset of others, which will make you the first choice for the college and an impressive letter of recommendation will act as a cherry on top.

DIVERSITY OF EXPERIENCES: Colleges are trying to build a well-rounded class consisting of students with different life experiences, interests, and ways of thinking about the world. Diversity adds unique perspectives to the student body and enables a college community to thrive while adding value to one another. Additionally, diverse students will do various things after they graduate, allowing the college to fulfil its mission of positively impacting many parts of the economy, society, and the world.

FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS: Students often struggle to identify the traits they possess because their actions are “normal” to them but not normal to a typical applicant. Intellectually curious students often learn for fun and don’t think to write about it in their applications. Students who take the initiative or are contributors often think nothing of their actions and don’t write about these experiences in their applications.

You will want to focus on two or three traits that are authentic to you. Brainstorm experiences you’ve had related to these traits. For example, a great question to ask yourself for initiative and contribution is- “Imagine a group of people you spend much time with; then, imagine you were never part of the group: how would it have been different?”

Once students identify a compelling set of experiences related to the five traits, they can match these experiences to a college application’s different parts to ensure they’re sharing a full picture of what makes them compelling.