One of the fundamental human rights includes education, and they play a pretty significant role in making society a better place. It is marked by education’s necessary changes in an individual’s life and lifestyle. For developing, nations like India, skilled and educated youth are the only hope to add and overcome societal stigma. It is an integral tool that helps you achieve growth and economic stability for the nation. It highlights the hidden potential of the nation’s youth. For decades, the education policy has been based on classroom discussions and live class, but there has been a necessary improvement in education with time. Online support for studies was particularly helping students grow with the external backing besides school learning. Imparting knowledge includes several methodologies for teaching, training and research, which are essential for the overall development of a student. Education is related to understanding and contributes to various development fields. It helps overcome the shackles of inequality, improving an individual’s perspective, eradicating parallel gaps of lifestyle and discriminatory behaviour of society. Education marks are its existence by empowering the citizens by cultural literacy and advanced knowledge about life, science and technology.

With the emergence of recent problems that surged into our life, the old method of teachings had a setback and led to a socially distanced but functional plan B. A new system of instruction, learning and imparting knowledge was a solution and innovation, making it a new normal. Virtual classrooms, tuitions and online studies dominated our lifestyle in recent years, framing the challenges and bringing opportunities for distance learning. During this time, websites, Internet browsers and virtual class windows became a part of our everyday life. Several myths about online education claim that this will not be worth it.

On the contrary, there is a fundamental relation between resourceful material and online courses available to students as additional support. These are beneficial to students as they provide a free flow of knowledge and guide their abilities, skills and potential. With time, people learned about several education sites that managed and supported students during their studies. They are providing great opportunities to learn, evolve and expand education worldwide. While studying for exams, external assistance is of great help, and when it comes from renowned universities, they are more reliable and informative. Getting credit-earning courses in college is nothing less than a maze, but it’s all about that one right choice. Finding a suitable one for studies is always a gruelling task.

Imparting knowledge is an excellent forte, and here are some of our handpicked websites to help you out of this bizarre.

Academic earth (www.academicearth.org)

Academic Earth is a website that offers a massive array of free online video courses in academic lectures from the world’s top universities (of Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University) considered as a search engine for full-text information and video courses covering around 50 primary subjects and about 36 higher educational issues including engineering English entrepreneurship humanities psychology physics philosophy medicine etc.

EDX (www.edx.org)

EdX is massively supported online courses provided by Harvard University and MIT. It hosts online university-level courses in various disciplines for students worldwide, including some classes at no cost. EdX delivers a certificate of successful completion and courses with credit eligibility in colleges. This consists of weakly learning sequences with concept videos and worksheet practice, online textbooks, discussions and virtual labs.

Internet Archive (www.archive.org)

Internet archive is a digital library that includes access to all knowledge notes and has free public access to the collection, including website, software, applications, novels, videos and millions of books. However, it does not give admission or certificates for learning. Internet Archive is a non-profit organization of the united nation with various partnership grants and donations and is looking forward to free and accessible education worldwide.

Cosmo Learning (www.cosmolearning.com)

Cosmos Education is an NGO with an intense concentration on Africa and an extended effort in Asia. It is a Grassroots organization currently working in the fields of science and technology of health and improving it through education provides free services on the internet. Its main goal is to work for sustainability and development in the world’s underdeveloped nations. Cosmo education collaborates with partners are UNICEF and the United nation environmental program. The subjects have been divided into two sections: extra-curricular and academic issues.

Coursera (www.coursera.org)

Coursera is an American founded online website associated with Stanford University, which offers more than 4000 courses. It is a user-friendly website, and classes are available for every interest. Students can find prominent universities and a sharable electronic Course Certificate. “Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. It is a subscription-based program, but many free courses on Coursera remain available for several users. These free courses are a part of an outreach initiative towards people who may have lost their jobs and have been retrenched and have their salary is reduced during the covid situations.

Big Think (www.bigthink.com)

The big thing is a multimedia web portal which experts in a wide range of fields like business and floating universities for higher education. It has an organized set of informational and intellectual short videos targeting the audiences on online platforms all around the globe, weighing in on and current issues. It later branched itself into blogs and writing content and started live streaming for education and researchers facilitating online studies. The video includes more than 12000 clips from 2000 plus experts. Students can make great use of this website by creating their distinct ideology, as it provides various opinions on one subject.

Bright storm (www.brightstorm.com)

Brightstorm is an online learning platform for teenagers that provides thousands of studies, videos, studying tools, resources, and counselling services. It is not easy for students to grasp complex technical terminologies, so the website makes the textbooks easier. The website is subscription-based and allows users to watch study videos without third-party advertisements. The video provided on the website has step-by-step instructions and study resources, college counselling facilities and examination preparations.

For humans, education is a fundamental asset and one of the most potent weapons that can be used to fight against prevailing social evils. In the current prevalent scenarios, an online website has marked their sustainability by imparting education, fighting against all the challenges and differences reflecting a student’s overall growth and development by safeguarding their potential.